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Business Promotion Professionals Tips

We opened an orthopedics salon and now we have been promoting the business for 4 months. When opening the salon, they relied on the experience gained during the work of his wife in a similar orthopedics salon.

Based on this experience, we determined the assortment of goods, but in a lower price category. They rented an office near the hospital and hung a sign. We prepared and sent out a potential commercial offer to potential customers. Things did not go, they were looking for ways to solve the problem and visited your portal.

We realized that there are no “keys” to the product, business and market. Please tell me how to promote a business with the help of noomarketing and help in finding “keys”, as well as in building a market specifically for our salon, since in our city with a population of about 300 thousand people there are 4 more competitors besides us.

How to promote a business? The secret is simple!
Yes, absolutely right. If things have not gone, then you are working without keys and you need to get them urgently, until you have all the money spent. Each key has its own function, so you need to have the whole set. The key to the product is the idea that lies at its core and it allows you to understand all its value and convey it to the buyer, which ultimately will make him want to make a purchase. The key to business is the idea that underlies the business.

As a practicing marketing consultant, I can say that when you clearly know what kind of idea lies at the core of a business, you understand and realize it, you can build the most optimal and profitable business. The key to the market is the idea of ​​the market. Only knowing the idea that lies at the heart of the market, you can understand the market and its logic, you can understand the essence of the needs that customers have, their real desires.

In addition to the keys, you also need analytics for your company and market. For example, take the population of your city. It seems that 300,000 people – this is a good figure, there is where to turn around. But not all of them are consumers of orthopedic products. It is bought only by those residents of the city who are pumped by the right idea. As a result, there can only be 3,000 of them, and you need to know this figure initially, before opening the salon, in order to correctly calculate and calculate everything.

how to promote business

Regarding the fact that your wife worked in a network company is good, because it gives some useful skills. You got a franchise to some extent. But, firstly, she saw only external factors, and hardly an internal kitchen. It is internal factors that are the formula of a business, its engine, therefore they are the most important and hardly known to you. She also does not have her own experience, because she hardly knows how to promote a business, because she had never done it before.

The fact that you rented an office near the hospital is a strong move. It is in hospitals that a large number of people are pumped with the ideas you need and their transformation into consumers of orthopedic goods. However, for the move to work, you need to have a strong brand. For example, near my house there are 5 stores that sell household goods. I don’t go to the closest one, because this is a brand new to me that I don’t understand.

And by the way, the fact that you offered a cheaper product is a controversial move

I prefer to go to stores with well-known names, because I know what I will get there, because they have organized high-quality internal marketing. And by the way, the fact that you offered a cheaper product is a controversial move. Perhaps it would be much more efficient to offer better products, but at the same price as competitors. So you could give people great value for the same money.

To get your customers, you definitely need to develop a high-quality brand and create a brand from it. Having the analytics and the keys to create a strong brand is quite simple. It is also very important to have a marketing strategy that will keep you from unnecessary actions, and act as a clear guide for you. It may seem that all this is expensive, long and unnecessary.

Experience shows that working without keys and strategies is much more expensive. There are no simple solutions for difficult situations. If you want to really understand how to promote a business, if you want to create a market, if you want to get a flow of customers, then you need to apply technology. Now the leaders are companies that work on technology and apply marketing.

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