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Professional appraisal of business ideas

A friend recommended you to “pump” ideas for business. As I understand it, we can try to evaluate the idea and if it has the opportunity to be profitable, then you can go through training with you to promote this idea. In short, I thought about buying a ready-made translation agency, I want to develop it, having a foundation – a client base and freelance translators. Need an assessment of business ideas. I would be grateful if you can help evaluate the idea.

How is the evaluation of business ideas
The answer to the questionEvaluation of a business idea is what I can do better than others. Your friend recommended me exactly right. I can evaluate ideas better than others because I understand what a real idea is and how it differs from thought. My knowledge, experience and methodologies allow me to see the difference between ideas and thoughts.

An idea is the basic essence of our world. Everything in our world begins with ideas. They materialize and as a result we get the world that we see around. Including the person at the base of the idea. Moreover, what is important – a person cannot create an idea, he can only grasp it, formulate and materialize.

All that a person creates is his thoughts. A thought is what is born in the head of a person. In turn, ideas are born in the so-called “ideal world”. In essence, a thought is a reaction to an idea that is embedded in a person. A thought is a reflection of an idea from the idea of ​​a person, from his consciousness.

For example, “open a translation agency” or “buy a translation agency” is not an idea, but just a thought. This thought was born in your head due to the fact that some idea related to translations has been introduced into you. Your consciousness thus reflected this idea. But in order to understand what kind of idea was reflected, some work needs to be done.

The essence of the work is to get as many “right” thoughts as possible, which ultimately will allow you to collect from them an idea that excites you, that has been introduced into you and motivates you to implement it. Buying a translation agency is not your desire, but the desire that the idea that has been introduced into you has created in you.

Evaluation of business ideas

Right thoughts are thoughts about an idea that has been introduced into you. In fact, the right thoughts are the elements of the idea, the bricks of which it consists. So you need to collect all the bricks to build an idea from them. The legram allows this. It is built in such a way as to get exactly the “right” thoughts.

Based on the information that you sent, you can say that you have an idea. My assessment of the business idea that you have is “good.” But it’s an idea to say so business, i.e. the idea of ​​how you will make money. Moreover, since you do not know how to implement it, it means that you have a poor pumping idea and it is too early for you to pump it.

Generally speaking, pumping and pumping are different ways of developing a business. Pumping an idea is an immersion in it, and pumping an idea is the development of an algorithm for its implementation. To pump an idea, you first need to pump it deep. In order to pump out the idea of ​​a business, you need to use the business law.

It should also be noted that consumers are not interested in how you will make money on them. They are interested in the implementation of a specific idea that is embedded in them and in the satisfaction of the specific need that this idea causes. And in this case we are not talking about the idea of ​​business, but about the idea of ​​the market, which lies at the heart of their needs. This is a very important point, the whole marketing of services is built on it, so it needs to be clearly understood.

All of the above means that you need to promote not the idea of ​​a business, but the idea of ​​a market. In order to promote the market idea, it must first be defined, as well as pumped to it. Only a person pumped by the idea of ​​the market can broadcast it or, in other words, promote it and thereby create customers.

Evaluation of business ideas

There is a feeling that you do not know this idea and have not pumped it. Accordingly, the first thing I recommend doing is using the market’s light to determine the idea that underlies the translation market and pump it. The better you pump, the better you will understand the logic of this market and the needs of customers who order translations.

In addition to what has already been said, it should be noted that evaluating a business idea involves at least two more areas of work. The first direction is the analysis of competitors and competition. The second direction is an assessment of the market potential. These areas go beyond general consultation and involve private consultation.

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