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Effective Business Development Director

Before, my business actually went with the flow and, despite this, developed dynamically. Now, the current has become weak, so to speak, so if you just swim, you won’t go far. I want to go far, so I decided to take myself a director for business development. I thought it was easy to find a suitable candidate, so I just posted a vacancy on the relevant sites.

Showered with offers. There are a lot of them, there are a huge number of them and this suggests that there is some kind of nuance. It is unlikely that a good director for business development would be left without work, and I definitely do not need a bad one. Even in difficult times, I personally would dismiss the development director as the latest. I tend to think that candidates are weak, but I need a strong one. How do I find him? Can this be done independently or is it better to turn to specialists?

Why business needs to be developed
You are right that a strong director of business development is unlikely to be without work for such a long time to search for it through sites. Strong specialists are usually closely watched, and as soon as they are about to quit, other companies immediately offer them. But anything happens, so it is quite possible that among those who sent you their resume, there is also a suitable candidate.

For example, a candidate could be made an offer, but it did not suit him. Or a person wants to change the scope of activity, and he simply does not have access to its representatives. It is possible that a person devoted himself wholeheartedly to the company, developed it, did not make acquaintances on the side, and the leadership that came with his team had changed and he was no longer needed. It may be that the business development has reached a certain point, and then he simply diverged in views with the owners, who took a person who thinks like them.

This is the most risky approach, but if you use it, you can remove the thickest cream in the end

In general, there are three approaches to business development. The first approach is “business”. Under him, the business of competitors is monitored and the successful moves they made are borrowed. With this approach, risks are minimized, because what has been verified is done, but earnings are also minimal, because the cream has already been removed and only “scraps” remain. The second approach is “marketing”. With him, there is market surveillance and a quick reaction to his needs and requirements.

This approach assumes medium risks, but also earnings are no longer minimal, but medium due to the fact that you can be the first to offer a marketable product or service and skim the cream. The third approach is pioneering. Under him, you do not look at competitors and markets, do not follow trends, but rather, create them. This is the most risky approach, but if you use it, you can remove the thickest cream as a result.

Business Development Director is of three types
Director of Business Development

We can say that there are three types of business development director: a business scientist, a marketer, and a pioneer scientist. Accordingly, before you start looking for a specialist, you first of all need to decide which type is best for you, because your business is a reflection of your personality. You yourself at heart can be a business scientist, marketer or pioneerologist, well, or there may be some mixed options, but still there will be some kind of dominant, and you need to select a specialist based on it.

If you are more a pioneer at heart than a marketer or business scientist, then you need a development director – a pioneer. If you are a marketer at heart, then a specialist is needed the same. Otherwise, possible constant conflicts and the business will not develop. There are situations when it is appropriate to take a specialist with the opposite vector so that you balance each other and make fewer mistakes. But we must keep in mind that this option is not for everyone.

What does a business development director give
Director of Business Development

Business Development Director is a key specialist of the company. A lot depends on him, so taking just someone is too risky. Of course, any specialist in any case will lead the company from point “A” to point “B”. The only question is whether point “B” is better than point “A” or worse. Any business owner wants point “B” to be better than point “A”.

For this to happen, before starting the search for a development director, it’s logical to understand yourself, in business, in the market, in the product, determining what idea lies at the heart of your personality, what idea lies at the heart of your business, your products and the market . You can identify ideas using the appropriate legrams.

By defining ideas, you can determine with 100% accuracy which type of development director is best for you. After you decide on the type, you will greatly simplify the task of finding a specialist for yourself.

Top Marketer: Pavel Bernovich

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