Effective Business Development Director
Before, my business actually went with the flow and, despite this, developed dynamically. Now, the current has become weak, so to speak, so if you just swim, you won’t go…

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How to deal with the crisis and defeat it
The behavior of your cat, dog, parrot or fish is unlikely to change compared to what they had them in the summer. They do not watch TV, do not listen…

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Professional appraisal of business ideas
A friend recommended you to “pump” ideas for business. As I understand it, we can try to evaluate the idea and if it has the opportunity to be profitable, then…

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How to start a business if it does not go

Business may or may not. Why is this happening, why is the business not going? If the conversation was in a different context, the words “why is it” would be more likely to cause joy than grief, because in some cases the word “stands” shows that everything is fine. However, when it comes to business, the word “stands” has a negative imprint, because a standing business does not bring its owner anything but headaches and nervous breakdowns.

Business should not stand, business should develop, because money was invested in business, and money should make money, which is impossible with a standing business. Only a developing, dynamic business brings money. In order for the stand-up business to start making money, it needs to be made to go, it needs to be given dynamics.

Before giving the business a dynamic, you need to find out the reason why the business is not going. Want to find out this reason and give a dynamic to your business? One option is to conduct brand analysis. As a result, a lot of valuable information will be obtained, if there is little of it, other actions can be taken, which are discussed below.

In addition to problems with the brand, business stagnation is often associated with the fact that the state prevents it from developing. It is believed that business does not go well only because the state puts it in the wheel and if these sticks are removed, the business will go. This is quite a common opinion, which is shared by 80-90% of businessmen who have problems in business.

Such a large percentage of believers in this opinion should indicate that it is true. To some extent, it is really true, but not 100%. Such states as the USA, Germany, Japan not only do not interfere, but also render what support they can to their manufacturers, for example, car manufacturers.

Very often business breeds corruption

However, in spite of everything, the business associated with the production of automobiles actually costs them, and sometimes even falls. From this we can conclude that the stagnation of business and government interference in business is not always interconnected, since even in developed countries even state aid does not solve the problem. If so, then there must be some other reason.

Another factor that affects business development is often called corruption. It, of course, causes very great economic damage to cities, countries and businesses. However, again, despite the fact that in the developed countries of the world there is a very tough fight against corruption, many businesses also actually stand there.

This means that corruption does not fit the role of a real “stick in the wheel.” Of course, it can lead to stagnation of certain specific businesses, sometimes even destroy them, but it is not a “stick in the wheel”, especially since very often the cause and source of corruption is the business itself. Very often business generates corruption. Very often, some businessmen use corruption schemes in order to confront competitors, knocking out the most favorable working conditions for themselves.

In other words, corruption does not actually affect the industry as a whole, but only specific companies. It turns out that just like government intervention, corruption is not the main cause of business stagnation.

Also, the factor that, according to some, can lead to business stagnation, is often called the lack of a sufficient number of qualified personnel who can develop and produce quality products. Of course, the opinion is interesting and logically seems to be correct, however, if you think about it well, it turns out that this factor, again, like corruption affects specific companies, and not industries.

What to do if the business does not go
In other words, all the companies that really want to find qualified personnel, if not in their country, so abroad, the benefit of the border is now actually open and in case of urgent need you can invite a specialist from any country. Thus, the qualifications of personnel cannot also be regarded as an anchor that prevents the business from developing, which means that it is necessary to continue the search for the real reason why the business does not go.

Many attribute the stagnation of the business to the fact that, due to rising prices for factors of production, companies have to raise the price of their products and as a result they sell poorly. Of course, the price level affects whether a consumer will buy this product or not, but if you try hard, you can find a way to set a price that will be competitive. You can always find ways to reduce costs, since there are more than enough measures for this.

For example, you can start producing goods in low-wage countries. You can also review the process and optimize it. You can find ways to use cheaper materials. In general, with a strong desire, you can always find a way to lower the price, which means that its level is not decisive and does not lead to business stagnation.

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