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The right start of a business as a guarantee of its success

Among people who have never been involved in business, and even among some businessmen, there is a widespread opinion that it is believed that starting capital is necessary to open a business. Many say that they do not open a business precisely because they do not have start-up capital. However, this is not the right start for a business. Indeed, money is important for starting a business, especially when you do not want to bother with opening it yourself. In this case, you can give money to people who know how to open a business and they will do everything. But when there is a desire to do everything yourself, when there is a desire to build a good business, then money goes to the second place. A good idea comes first. A good idea is the right start to a business. This is confirmed by the fact that there are people who have money but no business.

Many of these people even ask others what kind of business they can open for the specific amount that they have. It turns out that they have money, but they have no idea, which means there is no, and there can be no business. Moreover, in the world there is not a single successful business that was opened with money. Everything, absolutely all successful businesses began with a good idea for the dissemination of which marketing in general and marketing rules in particular were applied.

Everything starts from an idea, and if you want your business to work, then you need to start with an idea

Why is an idea the right start to a business? Everything is simple. Our world is designed in such a way that the idea is its primary unit. Everything starts from an idea, and if you want your business to be successful, you need to start it with an idea. In principle, business is the development of an idea. The money that a businessman makes is just a consequence of a successful business, successful promotion of an idea.

Accordingly, the main skill that a businessman should have is the ability to promote the idea to the masses. You can even say that a businessman is a person who knows how to promote the idea to the masses. The better he does it, the more success he achieves. A businessman is a person who develops an idea, and a person who invests money is just an investor.

It is really important for an investor to have seed capital. He is like soldiers to him, whom the investor sends into battle. When these soldiers win, they take captives. Prisoners are money earned. A businessman works differently, a businessman introduces the idea of ​​a product or service into people, after which they become consumers of this product and service.

After introducing the idea, a businessman gives consumers goods or services, and in return receives money from them. The better the businessman has advanced the idea, the more consumers of his product he will receive, which means he earned more money. At the same time, the businessmen’s friends include the invisible hand of the market. She helps them a lot.

The right start of a business as a guarantee of its success
If a businessman will offer consumers money in return for their money, then this is no longer a business, but some kind of absurdity. An idea and only an idea should be offered to consumers by a businessman, because only the development of an idea creates the basis for sales to be possible. That is why an idea is the right start of a business and the foundation of a successful business. Sales are achieved by the idea that some people “become infected” with the idea, who then become consumers of certain products.

In another case, sales are simply impossible, because these same people will not have the slightest reason to buy any goods or services and spend their money on it, and when there is no reason, then there is no motivation to do it. The idea is important not only for the businessman, but also for the manufacturer. She for him is a way to get new customers for their products. However, the consumer is not in trouble, he also benefits from what allows him to implement the idea.

Without implemented ideas, he would sit at home, and so the consumer goes to the cinema, bars, restaurants, bowling, a disco, buys goods and services that were once ideas, but now they have become a place where people communicate, where they make their life more beautiful, and some even find their soul mates there. It turns out such an interesting symbiosis of business and consumers around a common idea. This symbiosis is actually the foundation for building a new generation of business.

Some potential businessmen just pierce the fact that they confuse themselves with investors. Such stories are full, because every year there are many thousands of bankruptcies. Potential businessmen are going to do business, but really are engaged in investments. They initially start a business incorrectly and the result of their business is logical.

Why is that? Because some people think that business is easy and simple and start it without any education. As a result, they do not know that the right start to a business is when you start with an idea. Starting with an idea means, first of all, letting the idea through you. Passing the idea through yourself allows you to understand it, to understand how the idea affects you, to receive feedback from it.

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