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How to deal with the crisis and defeat it

The behavior of your cat, dog, parrot or fish is unlikely to change compared to what they had them in the summer. They do not watch TV, do not listen to the radio and do not go online and for this reason they don’t even know that the world financial crisis has happened, and for this reason they don’t think about how to deal with the crisis.

How to deal with the crisis and defeat it

However, one wonders when many crowns of creation – people endowed with consciousness, behave like animals, fish and birds – pretend that nothing happened, and after all, the most terrible reality of recent times is precisely that in the yard winter is coming soon, but also the global financial crisis. It has already erupted in many countries and, undoubtedly, has begun its destructive procession in Belarus as well.

The government can reassure citizens as much as necessary that this cup passes us, but these reassurance can only serve as anesthesia. But, as you know, anesthesia passes sooner or later, and pains are felt both from herself, and also from what she intended to soothe. As a result, a double blow collapses.

Of course, you can take anesthesia and not notice anything, but you can gain courage, open your eyes wide and look around. We will see that in reality many enterprises have already reduced output, accumulated balances in warehouses and can not do anything about it, because buyers have little money and they cannot pay for the products.

There are other facts – an increase in interest rates, rumors that they will not pay deposits and much more. Experts expect that most of the crisis will affect the financial sector, the tourism sector, car sales. It will already be enough that the financial sector will be affected, behind it there will already be a domino effect.

There are a large number of reasons why the crisis happened, but this is not so important in principle, the more important is that it happened and you have to choose between “to be” or “not to be” because you can sit and wait, but you can prepare and start prevention, although to learn recipes on how to deal with a crisis.

At the same time, instinctive reactions such as hiding one’s head in the sand, loud cries, running away, puffing out one’s cheeks are nothing to help. Only real actions aimed at adapting to the conditions of the crisis will help, but for real actions you need to know how to deal with the crisis.

Details on how to deal with the crisis
The global financial crisis in myths. Laziness or ignorance leads to the fact that most people do not know what a crisis really is and replace real ideas about it with myths. This is used by the more literate and less lazy minority. Literate people with a stable psyche know that you can make money on a crisis and use it, scaring others.

Therefore, although the crisis is a simultaneous action, it is so inflated, the situation is swaying, that it seems as if it has been going on for a long time. All of this is done by them intentionally, because through panic, they disorient other people, and disoriented people do not know where to go and what to do. They are like drowning, ready to grab any straw and are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

They are very vulnerable and ready to overpay money, because they are afraid that tomorrow it will be even worse and more expensive. All this is because for such people the crisis is very big uncertainty and suspense. For them, a crisis is like walking through a forest at night in pitch darkness. Every rustle and rustle evokes images. Children’s and primitive fears, fixed at the genetic level, begin to emerge.

The lack of information gives rise to a large number of myths that act as compensation for the state of uncertainty, because you don’t know how to react to fame, because it is incorporeal and you don’t know what to expect from it. It is much easier to come up with something about the crisis of analogy methods, which allows you to at least somehow respond to it. As a result, such behavior leads to the fact that they lose much more than they would lose if they behaved more wisely. But in order to behave rationally, you need to know what a crisis is in reality.

The global financial crisis in reality. Reality is much simpler than myths and sometimes it is very difficult for people to perceive everything as it is. Most find it very difficult to understand that the word crisis is ancient Greek and for the ancient Greeks it simply meant a turning point, no more and no less. A turning point means a permanent change in the conditions, or a permanent change in the situation, in the short-term and sometimes in the long-term period.

It turns out that when they talk about the crisis, they simply mean that the conditions of activity have changed. It turns out that nothing mythological has happened, but some familiar conditions have simply changed and in order not to lose from the crisis, we just need to determine which conditions have changed, how they have changed, how long they have changed, and will learn to live in new conditions. As you can see, the secret of how to deal with the crisis is very simple.

How to deal with the crisis and defeat it
The behavior of your cat, dog, parrot or fish is unlikely to change compared to what they had them in the summer. They do not watch TV, do not listen…


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