Professional appraisal of business ideas
A friend recommended you to “pump” ideas for business. As I understand it, we can try to evaluate the idea and if it has the opportunity to be profitable, then…

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The oil war as a marketing factor
The oil war significantly affects the marketing activities of many companies in different countries. For this reason, it is advisable to determine what the war can affect and what the…

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Novus Ordo Millennium. How to become a real post-industrial?
Much suggests that the transition to a post-industrial economy has begun. However, not all running processes are successful. Post-industrial transition is no exception. It may or may not take place.…

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What will be the new world economy

Most companies have been in deep shock for 5 years and they still do not see a way out of this shock, because they do not notice that a new world economy is approaching. You could even say that their shock only worsened. The crisis of 2008 threw them into this shock. A small part of companies successfully got out of this crisis, an even smaller part did not even get there.

What will be the new world economy

This suggests that the real problems are not in the economy, but problems for specific companies. What is the essence of these problems? The fact that they do not understand that the old economy has died, it is no longer there, and the old model of customer behavior has died with it. Something grandiose begins, something that mankind has not seen before – a new world economy is being formed.

Companies that fit into this trend successfully survived the crisis of 2008 and are growing, but companies that do not fit into the new economy begin to gradually merge. They will merge completely and leave the market forever, they will remain only in history. You can not even doubt it.

States can help their companies as best they can, for example, the Belarusian authorities constantly impose various kinds of restrictions on the import of goods, because the negative balance of foreign trade has become too big, so big that the economy can no longer withstand this load.

The problem for Belarus is not new, it exists for many years, but earlier it was possible to solve it through loans. They don’t give loans anymore, because they know that they will not be able to repay. Accordingly, the problem arose especially sharply. From the outside it may seem that this is only a problem for Belarus, they say, buy less if you do not want the negative balance of foreign trade.

However, it should be noted that such a problem would have been in Russia if it didn’t have a lot of commodities, which now have a high enough price for the country to receive the necessary amount of currency. Obviously, a new world economy is being formed anywhere, but not in the countries of the former USSR. World market leaders in these countries are unlikely to appear.

Generally speaking, the problem is characteristic of all countries of the world, absolutely all, because the economy is now global. The essence of the problem is that very few people really understand what the new world economy is like. Who understands does not talk about it because he does not want to lose strategic competitive advantage. Apparently one of these companies is Coca-Cola, because Coca-Cola marketing remains effective even in the new environment.

What is the new economy like?

What is the new economy like? This is easy to understand if you understand what the world economy really lacks and what the deficit is. This shortage consists in ideas and methods for introducing ideas. There is a huge infrastructure for the materialization and dissemination of ideas, but the ideas themselves are not enough and not enough implementation methods. All methods that are used work poorly, because immunity has developed to them.

You can even say that the real reason and essence of the crisis is that the existing ideas that correspond to reality are already implemented, and there are no new ideas on the horizon, so to speak, a crisis of the genre has come. The world economy rested in the absence of ideas, as if against a wall. She has nothing to do.

She, of course, continues to implement the old ideas and, in principle, works at their expense, but the income that is generated in it is already insufficient, because large incomes can be obtained only when you introduce innovations or in other words, when you promote new ideas. This problem can only be solved if the new world economy is built on completely different principles.

So far, a serious solution to this problem on a global scale is not visible. Partially, the use of the trademark solves the problem. Through the brand is the activation of implemented ideas, and therefore increasing the motivation to buy. But this is not enough. Most likely there is no breakthrough solution. It may be, but those who have it are just waiting for their competitors to leave the arena.

Accordingly, companies that can generate and implement new ideas were able to avoid the crisis. In other words, only those companies that can generate new ideas and implement them now earn. The generation of new ideas, their implementation and the subsequent creation of a strong brand – this is the locomotive of the new economy. Accordingly, only those companies that fit into this economy can be successful.

What will be the new world economy
There are no such enterprises in the territory of the countries of the former USSR, only companies that can copy other people’s ideas are left here. Mostly representatives of the new world economy are concentrated in the USA, Europe and a little in Japan. Some attempts are also being made to get hold of such enterprises by China, but so far it is not doing well. At the same time, a new industry based on 3D printers is being built under the new economy.

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