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How to manage customers through needs

The situation faced by the modern economy, and with it modern business and marketing, is quite interesting. It is interesting in what happened for the first time in the history of mankind. Previously, there was nothing like this, because before there was always a shortage of goods, a lack of resources and everything sold well. Now he is gone, there are so many products that your eyes are flying up, there are also enough resources and they are cheap enough, so you need to change how you manage your customers.

You could even say that there is no problem with money. If you don’t have your own money, then you can take a loan and buy almost everything that you want. But sales, in spite of this, do not go as we would like, business does not go as we would like. Moreover, business and sales do not go at all. They don’t go so much that you can constantly see either one or the other company, often a well-known company, announcing its departure from the market.

Since someone very famous leaves the market where he worked for a long time before, then there is nothing for everyone else to do on it. You can leave the market only for one reason, which is that there are few customers on the market. There are people, but no customers. Can I create customers? It is possible, but for this it is necessary to manage customers through the management of their needs.

If there are few consumers in the market, it means that the problem of modern economics and marketing is not that someone does not have enough money to buy goods or services, and that they do not have enough goods, and that they do not have enough resources. The problem is that people do not have enough motivation to buy goods and services. When there is motivation, you can find both money and resources, but when there is none, you cannot find it, because there is simply no one to do it.

.. modern economy is characterized by abundance …

In other words, the modern economy is characterized by abundance, because there is enough goods and money, you can even say communism has come, take as much as you want, consume as much as you can, but consumers are not enough, they don’t want to take goods and services even with such abundance and that’s all . Why do not want to? Because poor customer management is carried out, one might even say that it is not. Where there is no management, there is no order, where there is no management, there is no sales market.

They do not want to take it because you won’t be forcibly sweet – this is a long-known fact. No one will be forcibly sweet, not even a client, even if he is offered the best conditions. In order for him to buy something, you need to make him want to buy, you need to create a desire to buy in him. Accordingly, we can say that the main problem of the modern economy is the lack of desire to buy, real desire, because some people want to buy it, but they desire weakly or not of their own free will.

In other words, sometimes it happens that there is a purely external desire, unreasonable, i.e. desire without need. A person wants to buy, but he has no real need. Accordingly, only those goods for which there is a need are sold, i.e. some internal state of a person in which a product or service is vital to him.

It is clear that any need and any real desire caused by it has a specific reason. This reason is the idea. When an idea is introduced into a person, a need develops over time. Customer management is carried out through the management of ideas embedded in them.

In this case, an idea is not a thought that is born in a person’s head, but a separate, independent thing in itself, an element of our world. Speaking strictly conditionally, an idea is a kind of the smallest, most elementary unit of the universe. It is less than an electron, it is less than a quantum.

Perfect customer management
It has no structure, and therefore is invisible, however, it has the strongest energy-informational potential, which it, as if throwing into a person, as if through a syringe. If an electron calmly passes through a person, so calmly that a person, as a rule, does not even notice it, then the idea, if it has hit a person, causes an energy-information storm in him.

How is customer management through the idea? Everything is very simple. First an idea is generated. Then it is introduced into the client and begins to influence him. This is where customer management begins. As a result of introducing the idea, an energy-information storm arises within the client.

At first, the client does not know what is happening to him, he wants to deal with it and he needs information. He is looking for this information, he is becoming its consumer. When information is enough, when curiosity is eliminated, the storm continues, and with renewed vigor. He already knows what is happening to him and knows what he needs. In this case, a person has a state of need, which is eliminated through the purchase of goods.

At the same time, the product should correspond to the idea that created an energy-information storm in it. The need created in this way, the client perceives as a personal desire to receive some kind of product. He seems to acquire this object for himself.

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