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Professional Dentistry Promotion

High-quality promotion of dentistry allows you to bring the level of income from one workplace to 30,000 Russian rubles per day. Clients themselves, of course, are not generated. This must be seriously addressed. Good results can only be achieved if effective dental marketing is organized and effective dental advertising is launched.

Professional Dentistry Promotion

The promotion of dentistry can be organized both independently and by outsourcing to marketing and advertising specialists. Many try to organize everything on their own, thinking in this way to save. However, in 95% of cases, the result is very negative. As a result, after losing time, nerves and money, you have to pay attention to outsourcing marketing.

The recommendations of specialists, for example, those given below, help to avoid mistakes in promotion. If there are few of them, it is recommended to get marketing consultations and advertising consultations and answers to all questions. Also, in the consultation process, you can choose the methods of promotion that are best suited specifically for your dentistry.
Where have the clients gone?

/sites/default/files/u1/vopros-kartinka.jpgI feel that I need dental promotion. There are fewer and fewer clients, but people’s teeth are not getting better. Somewhere they treat them, but not in my dentistry. Previously, the recording was two to three weeks in advance, now we are happy with every call. It is clear that something needs to be changed, something must be done, but what exactly is incomprehensible. Tell me at least briefly in which direction to move.

The cause of the problem you are facing is commonplace. The bottom line is that before there was a shortage of supply of high-quality dental services, so in almost any good dental office there was always a full house. The contacts of the dentists were passed from mouth to mouth, and the contacts of the good dentists in general were almost secret information.

As a result, dentistry promotion is now 90-95% concentrated on the Internet

The situation has changed for two reasons. Firstly, it’s easier to open dentistry than before. Therefore, they became an order of magnitude larger and customers dispersed among all. The second reason is the Internet. With it, clients can get dozens of dentists’ contacts in literally a minute, read reviews about them, study the prices offered and make a choice.

As a result, dental promotion is now 90-95% concentrated on the Internet. The remaining channels work poorly, so they are almost never used. Word of mouth still works well, but it brings few customers. It turns out that if you are not on the Internet, then we can say that you are not there at all. For 95% of potential customers, you simply do not exist

How to return customers

Literally 5-10 years ago, dentistry, which launched the site, immediately received a stream of customers at the expense of those who do not have it. Then it was enough to make any site and get an influx of customers. Now 90% of dentists have a website, so this factor is no longer a competitive advantage. The site itself can no longer bring many customers.

The dentistry that uses the fastest and most optimal promotion system wins the battle for customers.

Times have changed. In the situation you are in, many businesses are now. The essence of the situation is that the general market, where dental clinics have been looking for customers for a long time, is narrowing, but the markets for specific dentists are growing. Regular customers – this is your market and the task is to form it for what marketing is used in dentistry.

A market can be formed and controlled only through a promotion system. The dentistry that uses the fastest and most optimal promotion system wins the battle for customers. Due to the speed, it is possible to get to potential customers faster than competitors, and due to optimality, less can be spent than competitors.

Effective Dentistry Promotion

The promotion system includes several components. First, you must have an effective, responsive and marketing site. The site is your face. The better it is, the more customers will choose your dentistry. It is important that the site is convenient not only for viewing from a computer, but also from mobile devices, which account for 30-60% of visitors.

Currently, up to 80% are hot, i.e. ready to purchase dental services clients get to the site thanks to contextual advertising

By themselves, customers will not get to the site. The easiest and fastest way to get traffic to a site is effective contextual advertising. Currently, up to 80% are hot, i.e. ready to purchase dental customer services, gets to the site thanks to contextual advertising. Moreover, advertising should be better than that of competitors, because they also launch it.

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