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Brief instructions on how to create a startup

While still at school, I realized that I would not work for my uncle. I decided that I would have my own business, and since then I have been going to this. While studying at school, he did not take any active actions, being afraid of making mistakes. To have fewer, I went to the university, which I am finishing soon. After graduation, I want to open a startup.

The idea is already there. She is very interesting. Prepared a selling quotation for distribution to investors. There is no experience, so I am collecting information on how to create a startup. While searching, got to your site. I found information about the startup legram. I had never heard anything about the legram. Can she help me create a startup? Is it enough to create a startup or need something else?

How to create a startup that “shoots”
As you rightly noted, any startup starts with an idea. To start a startup, you must first get her. If you got an idea, then the first stage has passed. However, one must understand that with ideas it is not so simple as it might seem.

The bottom line is that there are full-fledged formed ideas, but there are thoughts. Thought is the germ of an idea; it still needs to be turned into an idea. The line between an idea and a thought is very thin, an inexperienced person is not visible.

As a result, a lot of startups stumble just about the same barrier. Very often they put a lot of effort and money into the idea, but for a long time they can’t get the result and they give up. It seems to them that they are not capable of creating a startup.

In fact, the problem is not in them, but in the fact that the necessary tools were not used. One of these tools is the startup legram. Using the startup legram, you can formulate a full-fledged idea and move on to the next steps.

How to choose an idea for a startup
Since you already have an idea, and you worked on it without a law, in this case, it is very advisable to audit it and determine your idea or thought. If it turns out that you have that rare case when there is precisely an idea, and not an idea, it is advisable to test it. It is important not only to know how to create a startup, but also to know if someone needs it.

Testing will determine the relevance of the idea. A lot of startups “fall” on the irrelevance of the idea. The idea can be timely, which can be easily implemented in people and which they will perceive. The idea may be belated.

After a full-fledged idea is formed, its materialization gradually takes place, or in other words, embodiment

For example, you heard something somewhere, forgot and then remembered, but it seems to you that this is your ingenious idea, which, moreover, has long been realized by others. You can of course try to implement it better than others and intercept customers.

But not the fact that it will turn out better. The idea may be untimely, ahead of time. In this case, it will be very difficult to promote, and sometimes impossible. People simply will not be able to understand you and will think that you have mental problems.

After a full-fledged idea is formed, its materialization, or in other words, embodiment, gradually takes place. The first level of incarnation is to give a startup a name. It is very important to give the startup the correct name, which corresponds to the idea underlying it. If the name of the startup does not correspond to the idea that underlies it, then the following steps will be difficult or even impossible to implement. No wonder they say that “as you call a ship, it will sail.”

Startup creation scheme
how to create a startup

After the startup gets the name, you need to clearly articulate its concept. The concept of a startup is the second level of embodiment of an idea. It is clear that here everything must be done correctly and consistent with the idea. If this is not so, then in the subsequent stages a lot of problems will arise, the solution of which will take a lot of time and money. And not the fact that the problems can be solved. With a greater degree of probability, it is at this stage that the startup will stall.

A startup project is a detailed plan in which the idea of ​​a startup should be as detailed as possible

When there is a clear and complete concept that corresponds to the idea underlying it, you can move on to the third level of the idea. The third level of implementation of the idea is the development of a startup project. A startup project is a detailed plan in which the idea of ​​a startup should be as detailed as possible.

It is necessary to indicate in the project how the idea will be realized, what is needed for its implementation, what kind of specialists will be needed, what kind of technologies are needed and so on. In fact, a project is a kind of “drawing” of a startup, based on which it will then be possible to create a startup itself. The startup project, as well as its name and concept, should also be consistent with the idea.

Everything in it should be thought out as much as possible and to the smallest detail in order to get as close as possible to 100% correspondence to the idea. If there is no correspondence to the idea, or if it is minimal, the final stage of creating a startup will fail. So it is better to approach the development of a startup project very responsibly.

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