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How to become a billionaire and a master of life

When I first opened a business, I counted in 10 years to become a billionaire. He dreamed of yachts, his plane, reception in the homes of the powerful. But more than 20 years have passed and this did not happen. Why can not I understand.

I’m looking at Facebook, Google, Amazon, which appeared even later than my business. They have long brought hundreds of billions of US dollars to their founders. How did they do it? What is their secret? How to become a billionaire and realize your dream?

Business itself is the materialization of an idea. In Western culture, it is assumed that business is carried out according to technology, there is almost no place for the human factor in it. In fact, we are talking about the technology of materializing ideas – marketing. In our culture, business is almost a 100% human factor. This means that business is simply a continuation of the personality of its founder or director and its scaling.

It turns out that our businessman does not what is provided for by the technology of materializing ideas, not what gives the result, but what promotes the idea of ​​his personality. In fact, all these 20 years you were not engaged in business, but simply scaled your personality, you materialized not the idea of ​​business, but the idea of ​​your personality, your beloved, promoted it. How many people liked the idea of ​​your personality, how much you managed to scale your business.

If only you scaled your personality, if only you promoted the idea of ​​your personality, you could very well become a billionaire. Most likely, you would be able to promote it to the entire population. But there are millions of businessmen and each of them moves the idea of ​​his personality. The competition is crazy and the business based on your personal idea cannot be scaled up. Therefore, another recipe is needed on how to become a billionaire.

How to become a billionaire will prompt an idea
how to become a billionaire

If you want to become a billionaire, you need to choose an idea that can interest millions, and which no one else will do. On its basis it will be possible to build a large market and earn a lot of money. And, of course, it will be necessary to realize this idea using appropriate technologies, which include, including marketing, and not on the basis of intuition and your ideas. Then you will have a real chance to become a billionaire.

As you can see, the recipe for becoming a billionaire is actually simple

As you can see, the recipe for becoming a billionaire is actually simple. The main difficulty is sticking to technology. In fact, to become a billionaire, you need to almost completely abandon yourself and focus on some other interesting idea. It is very difficult to do this, the idea of ​​your personality really wants to be realized, and therefore it will always try to fit into all processes.

Become a billionaire was one who gave up on himself, on his idea, on his personality and completely focused on the idea that formed the basis of some kind of market. However, in order to begin to engage in an idea that is interesting to many, it must first be obtained. It’s hard, but worth it. The absence of a real idea is the main problem for everyone who is just starting a business. It is precisely because there is no other idea that businessmen switch to the idea of ​​their personality and put it at the core of the business.

Where to begin
how to become a billionaire

It is believed that the main business problem is start-up capital. However, this is not always confirmed in practice. Many, having start-up capital, spend it quickly, but they don’t get a business, while others build an excellent business without it. Successful businessmen often recognize the process of obtaining a real idea in order to build a market as the most difficult stage.

To create a business is not a problem, the problem is to get a market for it. In most cases, initially businessmen had only thoughts about the market, and not his idea, which prevented them from developing. As soon as they got the idea of ​​the market, the business began to grow rapidly.

Therefore, if the desire to become a billionaire is not lost, you need to get the idea of ​​the market. This can be done independently using the market’s legram. If there is no time for this, then it is worth ordering the generation of an idea.

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